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Procurement Solutions

The role of procurement is entering a new era. Organizations are shifting from a decentralized to a centralized model that gives procurement tighter controls, standardized processes, and power to negotiate with vendors and achieve new efficiencies and savings.


  • Increase Spending Under Management
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Spending Analysis
  • Solid Supplier Negotiated Strategy
  • Incorporate Supplier Information Profile
  • Streamlining the Processes to Achieve Cost Savings

Avory is diligent, dedicated, and dependable in the execution of its services. We listen to our client’s problems, then design solutions to fit those challenges. Our team of professionals include CPAs, CFEs, CFLAs (Certified Financial Loan Auditors), finance and audit experts who perform and execute Accounting and Financing Activity according to GAAP, GAGAS, FASB, JIMIP, FAR, OMB circulars, CFO ACT of 1990 and other relevant statutes.

At Avory and Associates LLC, we understand that people are our greatest asset. That holds true not only in the workplace but among those we conduct business with. Our team has dedicated and experienced professionals in accounting and finance. We understand the federal financial management spectrum and how to be the most efficient in that arena, and we know how to process an assignment with the greatest efficiency.